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Guaranteed Penis Enlargement :: SizeGenetics™

For people who wish to achieve a larger penis size, it is important that any product that they buy is 100% effective and reliable. As well as quality, many people desire a fast effect to take place, SizeGenetics assures customers of 100% satisfaction by applying a 6 month money-back guarantee to every purchase.

Many people do not wish to spend time waiting for results to happen in this circumstance and it is important for their confidence and sexual experience to see a fast increase in size so that they can impress potential partners or increase the pleasure for their existing partner. SizeGenetics ensures a fast and effective result. This product is guaranteed to show a marked increase in a person’s penis size within the first 4 months of usage. Anyone who has seen no change in their penis size after 4 months and are not happy with the product will receive their money back in full.

Guaranteed Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance for us at SizeGenetics, it is vital that our clients are getting the full benefit from a larger penis and not experiencing any health problems or complications from its use. Our products are clinically proven to meet regulation standards and are certified as a medical type 1 device which, if used as instructed, will cause no injury, damage or complications of any kind.

There has never been a refund request clam that has been documented, though if there is ever a problem with the product which results in injury or damage to the penis then we will offer a refund of the amount paid with a small amount taken for processing.

Positive and Assured Feedback

SizeGenetics is firmly in belief that the product is the best on the market. There are many different testimonials, clinical studies and endorsements from medical professionals that it is safe to say that the product is of the best quality available today.

There are many different products available in the markets which are cheap and flimsy; they can break during use and cause damage or injury to the penis. Even if they do not damage the penis in any way, the replacement parts are expensive and often difficult to come by.

Top Quality Products

SizeGenetics only use the top quality, medical grade materials in the production of their products and they are put though strict quality testing before being sold on the open market. These materials are designed to be used in contact with the body, they do not bend easily or rust and cause no discomfort or irritation. Unlike silicone noose straps which are normally found on penis enlargement devices, the SizeGenetics product uses a padded rubber strap with is comfortable to use and does not cut off the blood supply to the penis.

If there is any problem with the product cause by manufacturing fault within the first 6 months of purchase, or 24 months if the extended warranty has been chosen, SizeGenetics will replace the product free of charge, this removes the worry of having to buy replacement parts and pay for the repair of the device.

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